The Pinewood Heat Tub!

Outdoor bath at our Spa

The pinewood heat tub!

All year around you can enjoy the wonderful effect water has on your body and soul. Take pleasure in this outdoor bath at our Spa in a pinewood heat tub with your friends. The water in the tub reaches 38-40 degrees Celsius. To be able to keep a 100 % quality and cleanliness our tub is coated with aluminum on the inside.

While bathing you have the sky as your cover surrounded with the fantastic environment. The deers are right next to you walking around in the dark.

You can decide which concept suits you the best.

Prices for 6-20 people (minimum total price is 3900 SEK. Put your favorite concepts together or select from our suggestions.)


The pinewood heat tub, outdoor and indoor sauna: 300 SEK/person

Sausages made of deer barbequed in a typical BBQ-hut: 25 SEK/ sausage with bread

Coffee and cinnamon roll: 25 SEK/ person

Massage or a facial treatment 30 minutes: 175 SEK/person

Body peeling with salt and honey: 25 SEK/ person

Pentathlon: 125 SEK/ person > 10 people

Pentathlon: 150 SEK/ person < 10 people

Suggestions for your menu

Sandwich with smoked meat of deer, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes and apple chutney: 100 SEK/ person

Smoked meat of deer with potato salad, exotic fruits, bread and butter, cheese and salad: 175 SEK/ person

Appetizer canapé with Seafood Main Course deer steak with potato gratin, mushroom-gravy, salad, bread and butter 225 SEK/ person

All menus include coffee and water.

Bring your own swim suit, towel, bathrobe and slippers.




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