Classic whole body massage

Time: 75 - 90 minutes
Swedish classic massage which works into the deep of your muscles. Can be used as a muscle relaxing or as pure relaxacion. When the body is massaged it stimulates its own hormon oxytocin. When the oxytocin substance increases the body pulse lower, the blood pressure and the breathing time. These are positive effects which gives you a sense of wellbeing after the treatment.

Price: 595 - 630 SEK


Classic part body massage

Time: 60 minutes
Beneficent massage for some part of the body. You decied yourself how you want to organise the time. The treatment can be done for pure pleasure or with muscel working which works on the deep. Includes treatment with acupressure.

Price: 450 SEK


Classic back massage

Time: 30 - 45 minutes
Beneficent massage for tender muscles in the back, shoulders and neck. Muscle working which goes into the deep to start the blood circulation. Nice for you who feel stiffness and lockings in the back.

Price: 325-395 SEK


Scalp massage

Time: 30 minutes
Wonderful massage for the head and acupressure. Many tenses sits in the head. The massage gives relaxacion and wellbeing.

Price: 325 SEK


Nice feet

Time: 45 minutes
You begin to put down your feet into a warm foot bath with salt and ethical oils. When you feel well-begin we massage your feet and calf with a comfortfable foot cream.

Price: 345 SEK