Spa treatments



New Innovation!
Baborganic Back & Face 

Treatment time: 90 minutes
In this treatment we only use 100% natural products that are produced ecological. We begin with a peeling of the back with milk powder and continue with a massage with rock crystals in order to vitalize the skin. We use canvas sheet to stretch and soften the neck. Then we proceed with your face where we clean, peel and put on whatever facial mask the skin is in need of. Eye and facial massage with rock crystals is also included.
Price: 850 Sek

The Real Aromatherapy Body Experience

Time: 80 minutes
The heart of aromatherapy associates all treatments! A balanced and very relaxing massage treatment for both body and soul. Acupressure and reflexology inbetween relaxing muscle massage and powerful essential oils are carefully selected by the customers desire and need. A wonderful wholesome "top to toe" treatment where the focus is put on the back, shoulders, neck, scalp, feet and face.

Price: 750 Sek


Shadiva of India New!

Time: 90 minunte

Luxury, wonderful ayurvedic treatment starting off with massage of the scalp. Afterwards peeling of the whole body with lovely indian oils and herbs. After the shower we continue with a hot oil massage which clears out the skin. 

Pris: 850 kr


Khanya of Africa New!

Time: 90 minutes
Luxury treatment for the body and face. We start off with a comfortable peeling of the body. After the shower we continue with a african massage with warm oils, afterwards we clean your face to finish off with a lovely face and scalp massage. 

Price: 950:- SEK


Spa Body Mask

Time: 90 minutes
Lovely whole body massage with alga. We start off with dry brushing the skin and after the alga gets put on. Alga gives back minerals and vitamies to the skin and at the same time cleanses out poision. During the alga mix take affect you will lay with a warm wrap around you, as well we take the time to massage your head and face. All this just so you can feel good and comfortable. After the hot shower we massage fruit creame into the skin.

Price: 750:- SEK


Fruity Beauty

Time: 90 minutes
Wonderful luxury fruit wrapping for the whole body and face. We start off with a fruit peeling which cleanses and rinse the skin. After the shower we put a nice fruit smoothie on and you get wrapt up in a waming packaged. The wrapping stimulates the skins circulation and gives back minerals, vitamines and moisture. During the time you are wrapped up we take care of your face. Cleansing with fruit enzymes and a fruit mask will be put on. If you want to come 2 persones at the same time and make the treatment it will cost 2300:- swedish crownes in total.

Price: 950:- SEK


Hot stone

Behandlingstid: 75 minuter
Nice luxury treatment which both gives relaxacion and energy. Hot stones and oils will be used to massage the warm body. To use warm stones for massage descend far back in time from the Indies.

Price: 650:- SEK


Time: 60 minutes
A gentle and good way of eliminate dry skincells. After the peeling you shower in nice hot water. The skin gets soft and smooth. Thereafter we massage with a oil and fruit lotion.

Price: 550:- SEK

Aroma wrapping

Time: 90 minutes
Nice massage with warm ethical oils, which gives a comfortable feeling. After the massage you get wrapped up in a hot package so the oils can get into the skin. During the time in the hot package we easy massage your face and head.

Price: 750:- SEK

Hot Chocolate massage

Time: 60 minutes
Now you can enjoy chocolate without bad conscious. A relaxing whole body massage with warm cacao and sesam butter. The skin gets soft as silk and leaves a nice chocolate smell which make you feel like chocolate cream afterwards. A massage which affects the senses positively. Good gift advice.

Price: 595:- SEK

Choklad wrapping

Time: 90 minutes
Lovely whole body massage with fragrantly chocolate and shea cream. We start off with peeling of the skin and then we massage the chocolate into the skin. During the time when the chocolate gets down into the skin you will lay in a nice warm wrapping, then we make sure to massage your face and head. Everything so you will have it comfortable and nice. A lovely experience for all senses.

Price: 750:- SEK