Pedicure mini

Time: 60 minutes
Start off with a nice foot bath which moisture the feet. Take away warts, shape nails and nail-beds.

Price: 295:- SEK


Pedicure de luxe

Time: 90 minutes
Start off with a nice foot bath which softens the feet. Thereafter peeling and feet wrapping. Take away wraps, shape the nails and nail-beds. End with a nice foot massage and nail-polishing.

Price: 450:- SEK

Feet & Hands treatment

Time: 45 minutes
A luxury treatment for tired hans and feet. Lean back and enjoy when your hands and feet gently peels, massages and warps into a mask.

Price 395:- SEK

Nice feet

Time: 45 minutes
You begin with putting your feet into a hot foot bath with salt and etheric oils. When you feel that well-being is reached we massage the feet and shank with a comfortable foot creame.

Price 345:- SEK